About Kemeizi
                      Dongguan Kemeizi Import & Export Furniture Co., Ltd. is located in Houjie Town, Dongguan City, which enjoys the reputation of “China Furniture Capital”. It is a high-end furniture that focuses on imports from Southeast Asia. The flagship store is located in “Dongguan Hengfeng Furniture” with 300 square meters exhibition hall. KMZ uses a global acquisition, shareholding, and cooperation model to reach an agreement with foreign excellent furniture companies to ensure that products are delivered to all parts of China quickly, safely and at affordable prices.
                      KMZ Komeizi Furniture has introduced foreign excellent, very design and cost-effective products into the domestic market. Grasping the mainstream consumer groups of the current furniture, young people in the 80s/90s have become the main force. They have higher consumption concepts, new aesthetics, shopping habits, younger domestic furniture market demand, and furniture design needs. Stronger. KMZ is also committed to bringing furniture with the most design elements from abroad to China. Our products cover beautiful and simple Nordic wood, Nordic software. At present, KMZ Kemex Furniture has nearly 100 franchise stores nationwide, hoping to be closer to the furniture dealers and more convenient.


                    Brand story
                    KMZ, derived from Nordic original design
                    • Originating from Nordic original design

                      Kemeizi, with the aim of promoting and conveying the Nordic home culture, is a collection of outstanding European new products.
                    • The origin of KMZHOME

                      Advocating natural and humanistic care, simple and practical, following the beauty of modernism to create a structure.
                    • Simple life · simple love

                      Elegant and perfect to undertake the essence of Nordic traditional craftsmanship and "modernism" thinking. Focus on practicality and focus on function. The appearance is simple and advocating nature.
                    Brand history
                    Historical process ? Witness history here, KOMEZ never stops like you.

                    • 2007

                    • 2008-2015

                    • 2016

                    • July 2016

                    • August 2016

                    • January 2017

                    • March 2017

                    • August 2017

                    • March 2018

                    • March 2018

                    • August 2018

                    • March 2019

                    Establish a professional design team to focus on the development and design of Nordic products
                    Product development and design to the production stage of production, the establishment of the classic Nordic series to the national market
                    Xiamen Kemeizi Import & Export Co., Ltd. was established and registered as the brand of Kemeizi. The company is located in the beautiful Xiamen, Fujian.
                    July 2016
                    Chengdu Furniture Fair
                    August 2016
                    Dongguan Houjie Famous Furniture Exhibition 36th
                    January 2017
                    The company moved to Xitou, Houjie, Dongguan, the capital of furniture, and changed its name to Dongguan Kemeizi Import & Export Co., Ltd.
                    March 2017
                    Dongguan Houjie Famous Furniture Exhibition 37th
                    August 2017
                    Dongguan Houjie Famous Furniture Exhibition 38th
                    March 2018
                    Dongguan Houjie Famous Furniture Exhibition 39th
                    March 2018
                    Dongguan Houjie Famous Furniture Exhibition 39th
                    August 2018
                    Dongguan Houjie Famous Furniture Exhibition 40th
                    March 2019
                    The 41st Dongguan Houjie Famous Furniture Exhibition New Series, Easy Series, and the Classic Nordic Series
                    Honorary qualification
                    It is the affirmation and encouragement of our products and services, and it is the driving force for our further development.