Introducing the five distinctive elements of Nordic style furniture!

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                    Nordic style furniture has a very distinctive character. It looks like a natural and simple appearance but full of comfortable modernity. Its simple and bright features have won the favor of many young people. Below, we will introduce the five characteristics of Nordic style furniture. element!

                    Nordic style furniture
                    Simple design
                    The Nordic style has a strong postmodern character, focusing on smooth line design, representing a fashion and returning to nature. Advocating the charm of the wood, the color is mainly light, such as white, beige, light wood, the material is mainly natural elements, such as wood, rattan, soft texture of cotton and linen, wood is mostly birch, pine, maple, etc. , presents a very simple style appearance!
                    Spatial function blur
                    The Nordic style generally emphasizes that the interior space is spacious, the inside and the outside are transparent, and the natural light is introduced to the maximum extent, and the function partitions are often not obvious. Each area is only partitioned with soft and hard clothes. It is usually expressed as the integration of the living room and dining room, blurring the functions of each area, making the overall space more spacious and spacious!
                    Interior elements remain original texture
                    The decorative materials commonly used in the Nordic interior decoration style are stone, glass and wrought iron, but all of them retain the original texture of these materials without exception. The space gives people a clean and clear feeling, and there is no clutter. In soft dresses such as curtain rugs, prefer natural texture such as cotton and linen!
                    Fine selection of materials
                    In order to facilitate indoor insulation, the Nordic people used a lot of wood with good heat insulation during the interior decoration, and the craftsmanship was perfect. Advocating the charm of the wood, these woods basically use unfinished logs, retaining the original color and texture of the wood, so Nordic style furniture is very fond of solid wood!
                    Combination of straight lines and soft curves
                    Nordic style furniture emphasizes the perfect combination of simple structure and comfortable function. Even if you design a chair, you should not only pursue its beautiful shape, but also pay attention to the human body structure. It pays attention to the perfect combination of its curve and human body contact, perfect coordination and comfortable. .
                    Although the Nordic style furniture is simple in appearance, it has very distinctive features. It hides the unique features in the simple design, so it is not easy to appear too grand or eye-catching appearance, which brings more warm comfort, which is also Nordic furniture. The important reason for the popularity is that there are a variety of unique Nordic furniture to choose from, please contact us!
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