What styles does the Nordic family have?

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                    Scandinavian furniture in the design fully reflects the Nordic understanding of life, currently has a variety of Scandinavian-style furniture on the market, but no matter what kind of style, refined simple lines and bright, comfortable to use all its distinctive features, which Scandinavian furniture What styles are there?

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                    Pure Nordic style:
                    Pure Nordic has a pure "Nordic lineage" in materials, design and craftsmanship. In the modern industry, it has not yet been established in Northern Europe. In the era of the prevalence of handicraft industry, the principle of practicality is the first principle, and the home style of pure Nordic origin is inherited in terms of materials, crafts and styling. It presents the original beauty of nature that is very close to nature. There is no extra decoration, and all the materials reveal the original texture and color!
                    New Scandinavian style:
                    Most of the Nordic style homes that are currently seen are the embodiment of the new Nordic style, because the new Scandinavian style has changed the purely Nordic style to be too rational and rigid, incorporating modern cultural concepts, adding the use of new materials, from the appearance and materials. With a large modern improvement, the combination of art and practicality has formed a more comfortable and humane design style, making Nordic furniture more in line with the needs of modern society!
                    European pastoral style:
                    This style focuses on the performance of nature. In the material, it will use fabrics, florals, stripes and other special elements. In addition, it will use more solid wood materials such as pine and eucalyptus, and it will be more purely handmade. The features and beauty are fully demonstrated!
                    There are many styles of Nordic furniture . Although the different styles have their own characteristics, the overall style is mainly a simple and comfortable atmosphere. At present, Nordic Furniture has been focusing on the import of Nordic furniture, which can provide a variety of different styles. Nordic furniture products!
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