What is the difference between European furniture and Nordic?

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                    European-style furniture and Nordic furniture are all very popular types on the market. Although European-style furniture and Nordic furniture belong to the same European style, the two styles are quite different. What is the difference between European-style furniture and Nordic furniture?

                    Whether it is European style or Nordic style, it is currently a popular type of furniture, but there are many consumers who can't tell the difference between European furniture and Nordic furniture . Below is a brief description of the difference between the two:
                    European furniture: European style is an extremely luxurious style, so European furniture will inherit this style. European furniture is very elaborate on the hand-finished engraving and cutting technology in the production process. The overall selection of materials is more noble and varied, the color selection will be more vivid, and the overall style will be a magnificent style, bringing solemnity to people. , noble, luxurious feeling, and also expensive in price!
                    Nordic furniture: Nordic style is completely different from European style. The whole is more inclined to admire nature and simplicity. It pays attention to smooth line design and human body structure comfort. It uses simple lines instead of complicated patterns and likes to use solid wood material. In addition, the color will be biased towards a brighter and brighter color. The overall appearance will be a simple and comfortable atmosphere, bringing the leisure and comfort of modern life, and the price is relatively affordable, which is a very popular choice for young people!
                    In general, European furniture and Nordic furniture are different in terms of material, design and overall style. The simplicity, comfort and cost performance of Nordic furniture will be favored by the younger generation. At present, Kemex can provide a variety of imported quality. Nordic furniture, welcome to buy!
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