Light up the little yellow in the plain furniture!

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                    Yellow is a very refreshing and bright color. It is also the color commonly used in Nordic style furniture . The interior design is decorated with yellow, which gives us a strong visual impact!

                    Nordic style furniture

                    This home design uses yellow as the embellishment color, which highlights the yellow color texture in the overall dark furniture. The yellow color is high in brightness, giving a very lively feeling. Putting a cute pillow in the living room at home, it seems eclectic. The yellow hanging frame is also addictive, and the home design is to pay attention to color matching.
                    Nordic style furniture
                    The yellow sofa, the pillow design and the yellow design of the coffee table complement each other, and the sense of unity of the space is strong, giving a sense of harmony.
                    Nordic furniture
                    The design of this cabinet is characterized by the yellow, gray and blue combination of the drawer door. With the yellow bright feeling, an ordinary cabinet is no longer ordinary; a pot of green plants is placed on the table to make the whole design appear. very cute.
                    Nordic style furniture
                    The overall style of this home design is a combination of simplicity and fashion design. The overall furniture choice is simple, but some details are added to the details, such as the use of yellow elements and walls. The design of the face painting. When decorating the room, we can also use some interesting objects to add brilliance to the home design.
                    Nordic style furniture
                    The yellow seat is also a very design color. Nothing is idle, lying on a chair and drinking tea to read a book is a pleasant thing. Light time, soft text, light tea, no need for wine, even tea can make people easy to get drunk.
                    Simple Nordic style furniture
                    Yellow is also a very warm color, and the use of soft yellow can effectively improve the quality of sleep. Many people think that the yellow bedroom is only suitable for children's rooms. In fact, the yellow color of the master room has its own characteristics.
                    Yellow makes it easy to create a warm feeling, and the rich pastoral style allows you to enjoy the comfortable sleep time after a tiring day. Komezi has always focused on importing Nordic style furniture , and now has a variety of yellow decorative furniture available. Choose, welcome to buy!
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