What are the differences between Nordic furniture and new Chinese homes?

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                    Both Nordic furniture and Chinese furniture like to use logs as materials, and try to express more inner thoughts in the simplest form. These two new styles are now popular among a large number of consumers, which is different between Nordic furniture and new Chinese style. ?
                    Nordic style furniture
                    The difference between the styles of “New Chinese Style” and “Nordic Style” furniture is mainly due to different geographical, cultural, historical and other factors, so the environment and atmosphere created by the design are also different. Let's briefly describe the differences between the two styles:
                    Color: The new Chinese furniture is dark wood, mainly composed of coffee, jujube, blush and other dark colors. Nordic furniture is often dominated by light wood, without coloring, revealing the original texture and color.
                    Wood: The difference in geographical environment has led to the use of tropical wood-based furniture such as rosewood, red sandalwood, wenge, and nanmu. The texture is hard and the texture is perfect. The Nordic countries are located in high-altitude areas, and pine and cypress wood is more common, so pine is often the first choice for Nordic furniture wood.
                    Structure: New Chinese-style furniture pays attention to strict proportional relationship and reasonable scale. At the joints, China's original 榫卯 structure is often used. Nordic furniture often has the color of postmodernism, the lines are straightforward and smooth, and Nordic furniture designers learn from China and connect in a similar way.
                    Style matching: New Chinese furniture is often paired with simple white walls and trees with strong foliage to create a fascinating zenith. Nordic furniture is often paired with white walls, but sometimes the rough Nordic style often creates a natural and serene original flavor with large-scale lighting.
                    On the whole, the new Chinese furniture is more to create an antique atmosphere, revealing the beauty of classical. The Scandinavian furniture more inclined to create a simple, comfortable atmosphere, revealed that modern simple beauty. No matter which style is unique, Nordic furniture is relatively popular with the younger generation. At present, Kemex can provide many imported Nordic style furniture!
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